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Who we are

Tekter Consultoria

Certification of self-propelled machinery

Our experience allows us to help you with your complex task of managing global product compliance.

TEKTER CONSULTORIA has developed a specialized team with technical expertise, practical vision, and a focus on customers that can offer complete technical advice on certification of self-propelled machinery and its implements.

Our integrated solutions support manufacturers, importers and fleet owners of agricultural, construction and forestry machines. That complies with different applicable regulatory requirements, current Regulatory Standards (NRs) and national and international technical standards.

Our Principles

These are the fundamental principles that guide our company. They indicate how we position ourselves in the world and how we want to be recognized by our customers, employees and business partners.


Our mission is to offer technical advice services on the certification of self-propelled machinery and its implements. Our technical advice to be offered at a high standard of quality. While keeping the satisfaction of our customers in the forefront.


Our goal is to be recognized as the premium consulting company in our sector. Helping manufacturers, importers, and fleet owners in their search for safer and more efficient machines. This is accomplished through innovative solutions. Thus, creating benefits for everyone involved.


Integrity, Competence, Commitment, Responsibility, Transparency, Credibility, Technology and Respect for the human element.

Tekter Consultoria

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